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Keith Foster

Keith Foster

Golf Architect

Keith Foster, nationally acclaimed golf course architect, knew Iowa's reputation for "wonderful fields and wonderful people" before his first visit to the state. When invited by owner and developer Dickson Jensen, he was surprised by the natural hidden treasure just 25 miles northeast of Des Moines. The dramatic elevation changes and panoramic vistas created the perfect environment for a course to be carved into the landscape, following the tradition of the world's most renowned golf courses.

Foster, a lifelong golfer with a passion for the intensity of the game, has built a reputation for his sculpted course designs and artful renovations. His work, based on core values of quality and integrity, has earned him recognition and respect.

When Jensen contacted Foster, the architect nearly declined the project because of a work schedule already booked for years in advance. Yet as the two continued their discussions, they found common ground in their commitment to quality and the belief that the land held the natural attributes that could become an extraordinary golf course.

Foster's resume of award-winning courses includes work at Augusta National, Southern Hills Country Club and Colonial Country Club. His experience allowed him to create The Harvester, a championship course that blends into the natural landscape, challenging the advanced player yet still playable by the average golfer.

View Foster's portfolio and current work at keithfostergolfarchitect.com.


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The Harvester Golf Club
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Rhodes, Iowa 50234

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