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Hole 11: The Sickle Hole 1: Windmill Hole 2: Wright Way Hole 3: Humble Crossing Hole 4: Cattle Run Lot 5: The Prairie Hole 6: Holy Cow Hole 7: Heidi Girl Hole 8: Serendipity Hole 9: Wish and a Prayer Practice Range Hole 10: 88 Rods Hole 11: The Sickle Hole 12: Valley of Death Hole 13: The Thistle Hole 14: The Ridge Hole 15: Big Hog Hole 16: The High Road Hole 17: The Thresher Hole 18: Promised Land

Where cows once grazed, The Harvester site has the elements of a dramatic championship course: visually diverse beauty, varied terrain and natural water features – all in a charming setting where a course was sculpted into the land, not built upon it.

If you love the game of golf, The Harvester satisfies. Every time you play, the course reveals itself in new and unexpected ways. From wide fairways to large, fast greens and generous tee times to distraction-free surroundings, you’ll finish your round knowing that you’ve experienced the game in its purest form.

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The Harvester Golf Club
833 Foster Drive
Rhodes, Iowa 50234

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